Coach Bootcamp

Two days of world-class training for new coaches, including our Certificates in Professional Coaching and Public Speaking.

100% Free | Online via Zoom


Coach Bootcamp is a 2-day series of workshops designed to help new coaches boost their skills, credibility and business success. You'll find free workshops in coaching and public speaking all designed specifically for new coaches just like you.

All workshops and certificates are 100% free of charge. You can book one workshop or all of them, it's completely up to you.

Bootcamp Calendar


Diploma in Professional Coaching

Learn fundamental coaching and business skills - our most popular workshop for new coaches.

10:00-16:00 (UK Time)

💻 Live on Zoom

❤️ Free Certificate Included

1% Coaching Skills

  • New coaching techniques - feel confident and prepared working with clients.
  • Learn about the key differences between coaching, mentoring, and consulting.
  • Benchmark your coaching skills against the best coaches in the marketplace.
  • Decide your ideal client/niche and feel confident about your business plan.

NLP for Coaches

  • Help people overcome fear and breakthrough their limiting beliefs with NLP.
  • Gain insight into NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and how coaches use it.
  • Learn about coaching rapport and how you can quickly build trust with clients.
  • Learn the branding tactics used by Tony Robbins and other successful coaches.
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Certificate in Marketing for Coaches

Improve your marketing skills and learn how to grow your coaching business.

10:00-16:00 (UK Time)

💻 Live on Zoom

❤️ Free Certificate Included

Marketing Skills for Coaches

  • Learn how to write inspiring copy which attracts new clients to your business.
  • How to become well known, respected and trusted in your coaching niche.
  • How to build your own marketing funnel so you reach new leads on auto-pilot every day.
  • Understand the marketing skills which divide professional coaches from beginners.

Find New Clients on Social Media

  • How to leverage the right social media platforms to reach your ideal clients.
  • Learn how to create better posts and 10x your engagement on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • How to stand out in the coaching marketplace and build a unique brand.
  • Ask us your marketing questions and receive practical advice to help you get ahead.


Certificate in Speaking for Coaches

Leverage public speaking to build a unique brand and reach more coaching clients.

10:00-16:00 (UK Time)

💻 Live on Zoom

❤️ Free Certificate Included

Professional Speaking Skills

  • How to captivate a room of strangers and inspire them with your story.
  • Banish nerves to become a confident speaker and allow your personality to shine.
  • How to infuse every speech with your unique voice and style.
  • Learn professional speaking techniques used by TED speakers and thought leaders.

Speaking to Attract Clients

  • Become a leader in your niche so that your ideal clients are drawn to working with you.
  • Learn the specific platforms used by top speakers to find and secure paid gigs.
  • Understand how to build an expert brand by speaking from the stage.
  • Learn from our experts what it takes to become a successful public speaker in 2021.

We have trained 4000+ international coaches

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Frequent Questions

Is everything free?

Yes - everything on our Coach Bootcamp calendar is free 100% to attend. Enjoy!

I'm busy. Is it okay to just book one of the workshops?

Absolutely! The Bootcamp is designed so that you can pick and choose what you would like to attend.

Will I need a webcam and microphone?

Yes. All workshops are highly interactive and will require you to have your camera/mic on throughout.

Will it be fun?

Our training is ALWAYS fun, engaging and welcoming. Ask our recent attendees below...


Book Your Bootcamp Workshops

To take part in the bootcamp, you need to book the workshops you would like to attend. You will receive a separate confirmation email for each workshop you book.